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(for socks, compression stockings and stockings in general)

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Perfect, without folds or creases

Protected by: Utility model no. 200502811.- Self-help device to
handle socks, compression stockings and stockings in general.

Example of how it works.- Press the video button

This shoe horn constitutes a novelty in the market since it is suitable to pull up not only socks and stockings, but also compression stockings (not suitable for pantys). It comes with a self-help device for taking them off.

It is designed in a way that makes it a very suitable tool for caregivers with dependant people, since the task of pulling up socks or stockings becomes much easier.

Since nylon is one of the materials used in its manufacture, it has achieved great flexibility and lightness and at the same time, it is unbreakable and it resists successfully the passage of time.

In addition, the shoe horn incorporates a device which is very useful to take the sock off. This device for taking the sock off is suitable NEITHER for thin stockings NOR for compression stockings.


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Device to pull up socks, compression stockings and stockings in general.